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What I've Learned From The "6-Weeks Challenge"

Hey FitMAWs,

It's your coach Jason Craigg here and in this article, I want to recap my experience from coaching my last FITMAWs during the recently completed 6-Week Challenge! Now before I reveal the results let me give you a background about the Challenge.

The goal of this challenge was to transform their body in 6-Weeks using some "Newly Acquired" Coaching Methods that I've never used before.

Also, the transformation some ladies experienced in 6-weeks topped that experienced when we did our first 6-week challenge.

To put this in perspective - the transformation my first clients took 12 weeks to accomplish some of these ladies accomplished in half the time.

Not only that but weight loss was not the primary goal of some participants. We had goals which included:

  • Muscle Tone & Definition

  • Improved Fitness & Performance

  • Muscle Gain

  • Maintenance

As you would imagine it was indeed a very diverse group - which made this extremely challenging and fun.

And as a coach, I had to figure out " How do I help everyone hit their goals - using the same basic blueprint?"

It was no easy task but it was worth it - the only modification I made was the workouts for the muscle-building group.

What made this even more exciting was, I actually participated in the challenge (this is the first time I've done this).

Now I know you're excited to see the results so let's jump into them, oh and btw I won't even put up the stats - e.g. pounds lost, body fat percentage dropped, etc - I'll let all the pictures do the talking.

Are you ready? Here we go:


FITMAW: Shadeena Scott

GOAL: Weight Loss

FITMAW: Edlyn Williams

GOAL: Weight Loss

FITMAW: Juelique Craigg

GOAL: Weight Loss

FITMAW: Denise

GOAL: Weight Loss Note: She was unable to workout for TWO Weeks due to a medical condition yet still managed to drop stomach fat and waistline

FITMAW: Janelle Alexander

GOAL: Weight Loss Notes: First Client who lost the majority of their weight from the stomach area (this is normally the last place to go)

FITMAW: Syliva Brereton

GOAL: Maintenance/Body Reset/ Improve Athletic Performance

FITMAW: Andrea

GOAL: Improved Health

Notes: Please see her response in the comments (pic) below.

FITMAW: Well not a FITMAW - The Coach lol - Jason Craigg😎

GOAL: Muscle Gain

What This Challenge Taught Me?

  1. Weight Loss Is Just The Beginning.

When I started out online coaching I thought the goal of every woman was to lose weight. Oh how I was wrong.

During this challenge, I realized that weight loss is just the beginning, once they're gotten down to a comfortable weight they must be provided with a new challenge to keep the motivation going.

In fact, one of my colleagues who is also a personal trainer was sharing this experience he had with one of his clients.

They would come to him in an effort to lose weight. Once he did the initial assessment he would then create a protocol based on them and start them on the process.

A few months later they would hit their goals and then quit, this cycle repeated for a few times until frustrated by this he finally asked his client " why after you've hit your goals he quit, regain the weight and return to do it all over again?" She replied - "...once I've hit my goals I no longer have anything to work towards and so I lose motivation until the need to lose weight arises again".

After hearing his story I decided to NOT make my challenges only for persons who want to LOSE WEIGHT but ensure I add all the levels thereafter.

And judging from the results above IT WORKS!! p.s. Some of those ladies above have been working with me for close to two years

2. Practice What You Teach

As an online trainer, I've spent so many years "teaching" clients what to do that I forgot the challenges associated with "doing".

It was not until I completed this challenge with the clients that I realized how difficult the journey could be.

As a result, I ensured I tried every recommendation before handing them over to my client. By doing this I was able to experience the challenges associated with such and only after "fixing" those problems would I make a recommendation to my clients.

3. Fasting Isn't For Everyone

This was a BIG ONE!!! You see when I started working with my first clients, fasting was a BIG PART of my protocol.

However, I began realizing that not everyone was getting the results I expected.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe fasting is a crucial part of improving your overall health however NOT every woman is so convinced.

As a result, instead of trying to FORCE that DOGMA down their throat, I began working with them at their level.

This way I was able to implement "other" nutritional tweaks that resulted in double the weight loss of some of my "FASTED" clients.

4. Working Out Is A Team Sport

This one blew my mind because the reason I never did online fitness classes is FEAR! Yep I know that's hard to believe but it's the truth. Instead, I teamed up with one of our International Partners and gave my premium clients access to over 500+ on-demand workouts.

Now I was sure they would have a never-ending stream and it would be "happily ever after" Boy was I WRONG!!! In fact, even though they had all these resources they would hardly ever use them and that's when I decided to add LIVE WORKOUTS to the mix.

Surprisingly, most of the ladies who hated workouts showed up to 90%+ LIVE Sessions - Keep in mind, some of them never completed so much as ONE of the 500+ workouts.

That's when I realized the power of group classes. From then I made it my business to ensure "GROUP WORKOUTS" were a core part of the FITMAW PROGRAM.

5. For Every Level There's Another Devil

The things I used to help my clients to lose their FIRST 20+lbs didn't work the same a year later.

The human body is ever-changing and a core principle is homeostasis (maintaining balance). As a result, you've always got to be ONE STEP ahead of your body otherwise you'll plateau.

A case in point was one of my clients who was stuck at a plateau for the last few months. We tried everything in the books but nothing worked.

That is until I decided to try a piece of advice from my expert friend.

At first, it was so crazy but out of sheer desperation, I decided to try it. Just a sneak peek, it involved STOPPING Intermittent Fasting, Eating A Lot More, And Reducing Exercise.

I won't lie, I expected at the end of 6-weeks to see a MASSIVE INCREASE in size however, to my surprise her weight never changed.

In fact, we have now started a new protocol that's not so focused on FAT BURNING exercises but instead on building muscle. (progress pic coming in a few weeks)

All in all, as amazing as the 6-WEEK Challengers results were, I believed the real change came from having to coach such a diverse group.

A group where it wasn't only about weight loss and seeing everyone hit (and still hitting) their results.

Now you're probably wondering what's next for these Challengers? Well, they're continuing their journey, and some of them enrolled in the 12-Week Program which includes a THREE PHASE COMPLETE PROTOCOL: Fat Loss

Performance + Muscle Development


Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. Our next 6-Week Challenge is starting soon.

Until then have an awesome day!

Jason Craigg



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