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EVENT #4 | Health Consultations At IADPA POS

Crazy Traffic⛔🚦, Incredible Clients: My Trinidad Adventure Unveiled📂

I woke up super early at 5:30 AM, all pumped up because it was the last day of my amazing TRINIDAD TOUR! My heart was racing with excitement, and I couldn't wait to see what this day had in store for me. Would people even show up to my event? 🤔

As I got on the bus, I had so many questions swirling in my head. But I had a looong 3-hour journey ahead of me, traveling from Point Fortin in the south all the way to Port of Spain in the north. So, I decided to think about all the fun I had during the tour so far. 😁

But hold on, the adventure was just beginning! 🌟

We arrived at the San Fernando Bus Terminal, and guess what? A taxi driver from Port of Spain waved at me to hop into his taxi. After a quick check with my brother-in-law, I jumped right in! 🚖

Our drive to Port of Spain was like a rollercoaster ride! We swerved through traffic, even riding on the highway's shoulders just to avoid the dreaded "morning traffic." Finally, we reached the Main Bus Terminal in Port of Spain, and it was time for my next adventure.

I had to find the roundabout near KFC and follow Frederick Street until I found the IADPA bookstore. Thank goodness for Google Maps! 🗺️

I walked in cautiously, and a friendly young lady named Carol greeted me with a warm "Welcome to IADPA." That's when I spotted the famous IADPA logo! She guided me inside and showed me my workstation. 📚

Carol told me that the clients would start arriving at 10 AM, so I had a little time to set up. While I was getting everything ready, one of the mall staff came by to see if I could help with a check, and of course, I said yes! 🙋

After I finished helping her, I checked the time, and it was only 30 minutes before 10 AM. I decided to take a quick stroll down the street and grab a yummy breakfast. 😋

When I returned to the IADPA store, it was time to meet my first client, and oh boy, did they start coming in! Client after client, it was like a parade of friendly faces! 😄

In the middle of all the consultations, a few of my online clients, whom I had never met in person, dropped by to say hi and snap a quick photo with me. 📸

I was so busy, but I loved every minute of it. Each consultation took about 13 minutes, and the only break I had was when I finally went to the bathroom at 3:30 PM. Then, it was right back to work! 💼

While I was busy helping all these lovely people, Sister Margaret, who is the Head of IADPA in the SCC, arranged for lunch and kept calling me almost every hour to make sure I took a break and had some food. They were so caring! 🍔

Even Carol joined in and insisted I take a break, but I begged them to let me finish the day first, promising to eat later. 🙏

Finally, when the last client finished, it was Carol's turn to get a consultation from me, but not before she made sure I had a delicious vegan falafel bowl. It was scrumptious, every bite bursting with flavor! (I'll tell you all about it another time!) 🍲

I've never seen so many clients in one day. My Trinidad experience was an absolute blast! 🎉

But guess what? The adventure wasn't over yet! It turned out that what I thought was the end of my tour was just the beginning of a whole new series of events. 😲

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I spill all the exciting details! 📖🤩

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