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EVENT #3 - An Unforgettable Sabbath: Faith, Friendship, and Empowering Wellness (Health Seminar)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Our day began with a sense of purpose as we prepared to embark on a spiritual journey. Today's destination: the New Village SDA church in the heart of Point Fortin. Little did we know that this Sabbath would weave an indelible tapestry in the fabric of our lives.

Stepping through the doors of the church, we were embraced by the warm hospitality of the congregation. The sense of community was palpable, an instant connection to a diverse group of individuals bound by their faith.

The service that followed was nothing short of exceptional. The sermons were a timely and profoundly engaging spiritual feast, nourishing our souls and renewing our commitment to our beliefs.

With church services concluded, we ventured into a new chapter of our Sabbath adventure – lunch with FITMAW's Lynette and Annette.

This experience was nothing short of exhilarating. What set it apart was not only the camaraderie but also the delectable, health-conscious vegetarian options that graced our plates. It was a tangible testament to the valuable lessons imparted by the FITMAW program.

As we savored our meals, we engaged in meaningful conversation and fellowship. These interactions, born from shared values and goals, deepened our bonds within the FitMaw community, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

But the day was far from over, and the crescendo awaited us: "Unlocking The 8 Secrets To Health and Longevity AY Seminar."

Nervousness coursed through me as I realized the responsibility of being the keynote speaker. I questioned my decision to stand before the congregation, but in that moment, I turned to prayer, surrendering my fears and seeking divine guidance.

FITMAW's Victoria Elder warmly introduced me, and I took center stage. It was the moment I had spent countless hours preparing for, and it had finally arrived. Commencing with a prayer of gratitude and humility, I asked the Lord to speak through me.

As my presentation unfolded, I witnessed the audience becoming increasingly engaged. It was evident that a higher power was at work, guiding our collective journey toward enlightenment and better health.

To ensure every attendee left with a clear understanding of the seminar, I opened the floor for questions and answers, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge.

As swiftly as it began, it was over. I humbly thank God for the privilege of delivering the message of health and wellness to the people of Point Fortin.

Group photos served as the final punctuation mark, capturing the beautiful souls who had orchestrated this remarkable event.

Our gratitude flowed in multiple directions – first and foremost, to the Lord Jesus Christ for entrusting us with His health message.

We also extended our heartfelt thanks to Pastor Eddie, the Point Fortin SDA church's leadership, and my unwavering wife and children who tirelessly support our mission.

And, of course, our FITMAW family, with a special nod to Sister Victoria Elder and Valarie Francois, whose dedication ensured the seamless execution of our Point Fortin tour.

This Sabbath was undeniably a pivotal moment in the FITMAW journey, and we eagerly anticipate many more of these transformative experiences.

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