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Attention Busy Working Mums Over 45…

Your Mission: Drop 20lbs or 5% Body Fat in 6 Short Weeks
(No Gym, No Restrictive Diets)

Can You Handle the Challenge?

Workin’ Mums, Life is TOUGH…

…And all those mum-fluencers on social don’t make things any easier. We’re force-fed airbrushed images of “mums who do it all”, when in reality, they don’t.


Between raising small humans, juggling 100s of deadlines, and struggling to get the kids to just sleep already, where are you supposed to find the time for YOU?


If you’ve found that your weight just keeps piling up, it’s not your fault. Prioritising our health and wellbeing as working Mums is incredibly difficult.


The good news? Difficult does NOT mean impossible!

Imagine having…

  • The motivation to lose those extra pounds – and keep ‘em off



  • Never feeling depressed when you step on the scale

  • Easy workout routines for mums that fit into even the busiest of schedules

  • PERSONALIZED meal plans to help you lose weight – because make calorie-counting is so last century

  • Full support in understanding how to eat healthy on a budget

  • A virtual grocery shopping walk through, so you always know what to buy


A cheat-meal guide for mums, so you can still eat your favourite treats

MORE Good News…

With the FITMAW 6-Week Challenge, There’s No Need to Imagine!


The Caribbean’s First Online Fitness Studio for Mums and Wives

The FITMAW (Fit Mothers & Wives) 6-Week Challenge is the ULTIMATE fitness and nutrition program for busy mums. Created by people who share your struggles, FITMAW is more than just an online fitness program for mums. Heck, it’s more than just a nutrition program, or an accountability program. It’s EVERYTHING us mums need to start putting ourselves FIRST for once!

We’re sure this isn’t the first online weight loss program for women you’re reading about, and we’re sure it won’t be the last. But there’s one thing we ARE sure of – you won’t need another one once we’re done with you.


 No matter your age, schedule, job, or goals, there’s always room for one more in the FITMAW family. The body of your dreams doesn’t exist in a magazine only. It’s 100% possible for YOU, and together, we can bring it to life!



Once you understand how the body gains and loses weight, you can become the master of your own fitness and nutrition journey.


You CAN get into the best shape of your life, without compromising your role as a mother or spouse.


Just wear the watch, connect your phone, and follow our easy workout routines for mums!


6 weeks is a small price to pay for a lifetime of pride in your body and well-being!


Smash your goals in a group of like-minded mums like you, who join our online fitness studio for mums from all across the Caribbean!



Virtual Fitness Trainer: Your surname doesn’t have to be Kardash-a-something to afford a professional online fitness trainer. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’ll have uninterrupted access to LIVE, easy-to-follow, guided group workouts that will leave you breathless (in the best ways possible!) FITMAW is here to prove that you’re never alone.

On-Demand Workouts: All FITMAW workout demonstrations unfold step by step. Unlike other workout platforms for mums, we’re not here to show off and leave you panting on the floor. These workouts were made BY mums, FOR mums like us. Got an injury? We’ll show you plenty of alternatives that take your unique capabilities and limitations into account.

10-Min Fat Blaster: Pressed for time? Blast those love handles out of sight and out of mind in just 10 minutes. Whether you’ve got a gym full of equipment or have never touched a dumbbell in your life, you are welcome in our fitness and nutrition program for busy mums!


Personalised Meal Plans: Color-coded. Paint-by-numbers. Our gamified meal plans make healthy eating FUN! No more counting calories. No more weighing every ounce of food you eat. No more reading cryptic labels. With our tailored, evidence-based meal guide system, healthy mealtimes will soon become your favourite part of every day.

Personal Grocery List: Kale, almonds, spirulina…oh my! Navigating the healthy food department can field like the Hunger Games. Finally, we’ll show you how to eat healthy on a budget, without sacrificing the flav

Virtual Grocery Shopping Walkthrough: Join us LIVE as we hit the shelves and show you how to shop for healthy foods on your plan.

Cheat-Meal Guide For Mums: Woman cannot survive on kale chips alone. From delicious cookies to cupcakes, and even cinnamon rolls, we’ll show you how to make the most of your cheat days and indulge guilt-free


Online Accountability Army
It’s easy to give up when you feel like you’re the only one who cares. But that all changes when you’re in the presence of other 40-something women in the same online fitness program for mums as you!

Priority Communication Line
Emergency question? Ring the alarm with your SOS and get a response in 12 hours or less.

Accountability Coach
Stay motivated and on the right track with your personal online accountability coach!

But Wait! There’s More…

FULL 1:1 CONSULTATION: Monitor your progress like a hawk to make sure you never veer off track. Your FITMAW package comes complete with a FULL office consultation, including a weigh-in, body fat analysis, measurement tracking, meal creation, and strategy session. While we do as much online as possible, some things can only be done in-person!

STORE-WIDE DISCOUNTS! Become a FITMAW today to claim your exclusive discount card for use STORE-WIDE.

DONE-FOR-YOU WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Leave the charts, sheets, and notepads in the ‘80s where they belong. The FITMAW online weight loss program for women slips your entire journey into your pocket, so you can personalise your program, track results, and more, all from your phone.


The Proof is in the Pounds, and our clients have lost a combined 500 of them.

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